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10-4 ThorsHammer

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Somewhere tonight in America on a long lonely stretch of highway ... in Iowa perhaps... drives a trucker who I know only as ThorsHammer. ThorsHammer was a proud member of Hawkeye Nation and the biggest Reggie Evans fan I have ever met, online or in person. He was a great poster on the old ESPN boards before they went the way of ...well, nevermind. Every time I'd get ticked about Reggie's shortcomings, ThorsHammer would be there telling us about Reggie's post game at Iowa and making sure we didn't get down on him. I may still disagree with him in terms of Reggie's uh, worth as a pro, but in the spirit of Reggie's career-best game vs. the Suns I dedicate today's Daily Roundup to ThorsHammer. Check in with us sometime good buddy!

Reggie Love

And a cautionary tale from David Locke on the Sonics defensive rating -- which rates this year's Sonic squad as one of the worst in NBA history. Yup.