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Murray for Watson

An article will be coming shortly, but in the meantime this rumor is too juicy to ignore. Frank Hughes of the Tacoma News Tribune reports that the Sonics and Nuggets are contemplating a deal that would send Seattle SG to the Nuggets for PG Earl Watson. While Hughes speculates that a deal would likely include Rick Brunson, Mateen Cleaves, and Mikki Moore I would speculate that combining Vitaly Potapenko and Murray is a more likely scenario.

The Nuggets are desperate for help at the C position with injuries to Nene and Marcus Camby. While Potapenko is a role player at best he would help with their situation.

From the Sonics end it shores up their biggest two weaknesses by a) getting a consistant backup PG and b) Removing Potapenko from the lineup. Potapenko would be decent on the right team, but the Sonics are desperate for rebounds and shotblocking which makes him a huge liability. Trading him would likely force the coaches to start Mikki Moore or one of the young centers Swift or Petro.