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Daily Roundup 12.29.05

Trade rumblings,

Sonic stumblings and bumblings.

In fact, coach Bob Weiss said he addressed the team this week, pointing out that despite a season of inconsistency and demoralizing losses the Sonics are in decent shape. The team that wins the division gets a playoff berth regardless of its record.

“If we had won even three of the games that we should have won and lost, we’d be in first,” Weiss said. “Ray (Allen) told the team that we are pretty darn close to being a good team, and I just wanted to reiterate the point.”

I suppose. Start playing defense and I'll believe it. :D

On the Flip for Watson trade, pull the trigger. This move's been a long time coming for SonicsCentral readers and writers. Point guard has been a sore spot for this team all year.

When Danny smiles, refs fear him.

I don't get this ... and I saw the play. I've never heard of Corbin so I'm assuming he's a new referee. I'll grant that Danny's an intimidator and I see him do goon stuff all the time he's on the court. But I see guys on nearly every team do the same things and not get ejected. Are all players considered equal, but some are more equal than others? Only David Stern and Darryl Garretson know for sure.

Gary Washburn brings some sound points to the table. He focuses on the night Wally Szczerbiak had, which was aided in large part by the Sonics continued (and to this writer, infuriating) refusal to play a shotblocker. Wally Z was getting free passes driving to the hoop for layups and the Sonics didn't even contest his drives to the basket. When Wally Z is posterizing your team with smackdown dunks, nobody seems to care, and the coach throws in the towel with 2 minutes remaining, I'm not sure what to think.

Parting words from Gary Washburn:

Coach Bob Weiss would not say who would start tonight in Denver.

Gee, I can't wait.