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Wilkens the PG we've been searching for?

Again I simply have no time to write a bonafide article so I just pose the questions...

The Sonics number one need of late is how to get a larger, more physical, and defensive oriented PG to back up Luke Ridnour. The change of pace provided by Antonio Daniels at the 1 spot last year was a real key to our success.

Last night we saw Damien Wilkens step in at backup PG and do an admirable job of it. He appeared to be a competent ball-handler, a guy who made few mistakes, and a guy who could direct the team. He also is a good defender, and locked up under a reasonable contract for the next several years. One of the big questions the team faced is where his minutes and role would come from.

Wilkens will never be a true PG. However after watching last night I really think it may be worth giving him a shot there to see if he can be a combo guard along the lines of Joe Johnson in Atlanta(OK, maybe not quite the overal talent). Given that he has a competent ball-handler in Ray Allen alongside him I think his general weaknesses could be compensated for. If this worked out it would be a huge plus for the Sonics as they would fill one of thier biggest needs and also find a role for a guy the organization is really high on.