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Guaranteed Meltdown Night

I think that might have been a solid ticket drawing situation for tonights game, kind of the way the Mariners had guaranteed no-hitter night with Nolan Ryan vs Randy Johnson back in the Kingdome in the early 90's. Anytime Danny Fortson and Ron Artest are on teh court there's a chance of a technical foul barrage being ready to explode. Put both on there at the same time and its a powder keg ready to blow.

Interesting matchup with the inside out offense of the Pacers and the efficiency of the Sonics attack. Jamaal Tinsley may be out for Pacers tonight, which could be good seeing that he's the type of PG that could give Luke fits.

The key for the Sonics is Nick Collison staying out of foul trouble against Jermaine O'Neal. Enjoy the game.