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Daily RoundUp 12.06.05

As can be expected most of the news today focuses on Rashard Lewis' DUI. Frank Hughes offers this article featuring the awesome insight and incredible wisdom of Jerome James.

"“I’d like to meet the cop who arrested him. I know he is doing his job, but I still think he is a (jerk). Rashard is too good of a guy. He could arrest somebody who is a (jerk), who doesn’t do anything for the community. "

Thanks Jerome.

In other news . . . Bob Hill goes R. Lee Ermey on the Sonics.

Percy Allen has a really nice writeup on hometown sensations Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson. Tonight's a homecoming of sorts for these two as well as Jerome James, which gives me an opportunity to do something at the Knicks besides laugh at Isiah Thomas' GM skills.

More Jerome James hilarity in the Times here. James with buyer's remorse ? Just grab a Nutty Buddy and chill JJ.

Art Thiel has a nice NBA rookie piece on Nate Robinson. I really enjoyed reading this story, lots of nice little touches.

Check out Supersonicsoul's writeup on Lewis and Sonic DUI history.

Did you know that tonight's going to be a throwback jersey night?