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Sonics Piss Away Win

Since I don’t draw a paycheck or report to an editor I’m the only member of the quasi-media who can get away with this headline. Given last nights game I think we need to look for entertainment where we can.

As the story goes last nights 101-104 loss to the New York Knicks may be directly related to forward Reggie Evans inability to pee on demand. The Sonics forward reportedly began the third quarter of play in the bathroom taking a league mandated drug test and did not return until 1:47 remained in the quarter. That 10 minutes and 13 seconds of game time translates to about 25 minutes of real time which may indicate that Evans needed more fluid in his system.

First and foremost it is asinine that the league would test during the game. Secondly couldn’t they have quickly drawn blood rather than make a professional athlete sit and drink water for 20 minutes? It is always disturbing when professional sports demonstrate this kind of idiocy in public. It makes you wonder what goes on behind the scenes.

In honor of Reggie here are a few other areas where we were unable to perform:

4th quarter execution:

If you’ve ever played the game you know that there are questionable shots that seem great if they go in, but kill you if you miss. The Sonics suffered a number of those in the late fourth quarter. Down by 4 they should have demonstrated some patience and executed their offense. Instead they settled for three point attempts early on the clock. Any one of those shots that went in had the potential to turn the game in their favor, but when they missed it was crushing.

Hit the three pointers:

As mentioned I was waiting for the Sups to settle in and pound the ball to Rashard Lewis. Instead they settled for 3 point shots that were questionable. There is no doubt however that they were open enough to justify taking the shots had they fallen. With 3:46 left in the game and the Sonics trailing by two the Knicks suffered a defensive miscue that left Ray Allen as open as I have ever seen him. Without a defender within 12 feet he bricked a jumper that probably cost them the game. Vladi Radmanovic missed a 3 pointer that was wide open a few possessions later.

Take care of the ball:

It’s hard to make this claim when the opposition turns over the ball 18 times and your team only 12, but sometimes timing is everything. Two costly turnovers late in the game by Ray Allen and Luke Ridnour sealed the deal.

This was a game that we could have won. I’m a big believer in the theory that this team is built around shooters. It works when it makes shots, and doesn’t work when the shots aren’t falling. While it may sound overly simplistic our offense keys our defense and so many players on the team rely on confidence and energy that I think it applies more to the Sonics than your average team in the league. Our shots weren’t falling in the fourth and in my opinion the resulting panic was a direct cause of the turnovers, poor execution, long rebounds, and inability to defend that we saw to close the game. Had just a couple of those shots gone in(or for that matter a couple of the Knicks crazy shots missed) the pendulum likely would have swung the other way.