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Daily RoundUp 12.08.05

Time for a rash of new articles on the ongoing KeyArena situation.

Time is running out for the Sonics at KeyArena, according to this article in the Seattle Times. Just from what I'm reading here, the quotes from the City aren't encouraging at all. I think Wally Walker and the Sonics would probably be better off lobbying private business for this kind of funding, because the City certainly doesn't look like they have the money or the desire to get involved in a Seattle Center rebuild project. Reading Gary Washburn's piece on the same topic, this comment jumped out at me:

"Our timeline is going to be less than five years, which is the length sponsors often want for a deal," McLaughlin told media at the team's Seattle Center practice facility. "We're going to keep working at it. We want to move forward with a solution here. There is no Plan B."

What? This management group didn't have a plan B? That's shocking!

Seriously though folks, I'm not sure what the best solution is here. I've advocated pulling out of Key Arena entirely and building a new arena in the SODO area. I'm not sure that the Sonics will ever be profitable in Seattle Center, and I for one don't think throwing a ton of public money into fixing an unworkable site there is the answer. If you have any suggestions feel free to place them in the comments.

In other news, Reggie Evans' inability to drain the lizard on cue has forced the mighty NBA to re-examine its drug testing rules. That's one small drip dribble for man, one giant leap for mankind. Art Thiel says it best:

"How much of the Sonics' second-half lameness had to do with the NBA's poor potty training is hard to say, but it couldn't have helped. If the Sonics end up missing the postseason by a game, the team and league will have combined to make a case, for the first time in sports history, that pissing away the playoffs is not just a concept."

This is totally off-topic but I want to give props to Don Ruiz of the TNT for this nice article on Gonzaga sensation and likely future NBA lottery pick Adam Morrison. . It's not likely to happen but could I see this kid in Sonic green next year coming off the bench? You betcha.