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Important Game, Important Stretch

After losing by 6 to the Jazz at the Key last month, the Sonics really need to go into the Delta Center tonight and get one back from this division opponent.

Utah is typically not the place Seattle would look to go to right the ship (after a horrible loss to a really bad Knick team), but Utah has been a very below average 3-7 at home.

Kirilinko is back which is a problem because he guards perimeter shooters really well, which is what Seattle has to be to beat the Jazz in this game, but I thing the sting of the last loss bodes well for the Sonics for a bounce-back game.

Ten of Seattle's next 12 games are against Western Conference opponents so it's time for the Sonics to start putting the season in order. A nice run to Christmas can put Seattle in a nice playoff push and give the team some confidence.

Ray's primed for a big game, the Jazz are easy to dislike, here's hoping for an important division win.