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Bio: MrCLM

Here's some info about me:
Name: Big Chris
Personal Blog: Because I said so
Age: 30

I became a Sonics fan in 1984 in a rather strange way. I was at a youth basketball camp (Sioux Falls, SD) and each team we were put on got the name of an NBA team. I was on the Sonics. I had never heard of the Sonics. So I did a bit of investigating at the local library and I was hooked. Learned all about the championship team. Learned where the name came from (hey, I was in 4th grade). I fell in love with the team, and to this day I stand as a green blooded Sonics fan. My friends used to think I was nuts, suggesting I find a team closer to home to cheer for. I stayed true though. I am a T-wolves fan by proxie, and I refuse to cheer for the Lakers on principle.

In real life I am a Seminary student, and a member of the vast right wing conspiracy (which I realize puts me in the minority here...hehehe....). I have been a professional backpacking guide, I played football in college, and I used to lift weights competitively. I'm getting married at the end of the year, and I like brownies.