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Ray & Luke vs. Manu & Parker ... Rashard Lewis Anyone?

This series is starting to get pretty simple. Ray Allen needs to be better than Manu Ginobili and Luke Ridnour needs to be better than Tony Parker. If those two things happen, I think we beat the Spurs. If Manu plays like a hall of famer and Bowen stifles Ray, it's going to be nearly impossible for Seattle to beat San Antonio.

One thing is for sure, you cannot disrespect Manu when he's beyond the three point line like Seattle did in game 5. You can't go under picks and give him that shot wide open, he's a great three point shooter. Interestingly enough, defending the three is one of the keys for Seattle to beat the Spurs. Wide open three point shots and free throws are what kept San Antonio in control of that game.

This is a game where you remember the importance of Rashard Lewis. Our small line ups give San Antonio problems and Rashard gives us more options when going small. We can put him at the two, three or four depending on who they have on the court. A line up of Luke, Ray, AD, RL and Collison (or James) would be very tough for the Spurs to guard and might help prevent some of the scoring droughts we saw in game 5.

So here's hoping for a return of Rashard Lewis in game 6 and game 7 (crossing my fingers). Nate needs buttons to push and options to keep the Spurs off balance. Wilkins has played pretty well, but you want him to be an x-factor, not a key guy.