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Should Seattle Start Wilkins Tonight?

While looking at the game flow from game 5 I was shocked to see that the Sonics were actually +7 when Antonio Daniels was on the bench. Looking at Damien's game chart we were a +2 while he was in the game. While this is not a perfect way to look at a game as it shows Ray at -9 and Daniels was -20 there is value in knowing how certain matchups help or hurt the team as a whole.

It is also interesting to note that Reggie Evans was a -16 while Nick Collison was +6. When Jerome was in the game we were -24 compared to only -2 with Fortson in the game.

I am of the opinion that changing the lineup at this point is not something that Nate is going to be willing to do. However, with the problems that we've been having starting the first and second halves of games it might be the right time to let Damien get in and be a bit more physical on Manu. I've also noticed that AD tends to have a connection with Collison on the pick and roll, if AD comes off the bench you maximize the minutes that him and Nick have on the court together.

Game six and down 3-2 now is the time to pull out all the stops, this might be something to look at doing.