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Thinking about the off season

Gone: Pot, Flip
Keep: Nate, Ray, Wilkins
Likely keep: Vlade
Wait and See: Reggie, Fort
Not likely to keep: James
I hope they don't keep but they might: AD

Needs: A Center, a backup PG, and a SG who plays D, but who can also score some (not a one-dimentional player), and possibly a backup PF depending on what happens with Reggie and Fort. Kwame Brown is interesting, but if a guy doesn't have the fire it's hard to guess if Jack Sikma can put it in him. Sikma can refine his skills, but can he excite him to play the game?

I think the cost of AD will probably move him out of our range depending on the new CBA. I don't think keeping him is bad, but not on a contract that ties our hands.

It will be interesting to see what comes our way for Vlade, and I think for the right deal they might move him, but it will have to be pretty darn good. I think the development of Luke and Nick added to the ability of Ray and Shard would be nicely complimented by the problems Vlade creates for other teams matching up with us. Most teams can deal with Ray and Shard if we don't have something else, but Vlade adds a wild card that teams struggle to cover. The problem is he needs to become more consistant, and avoid the injury bug. Vlade might be moved though depending on who they draft as well.

If nothing else, this should be an active and interesting off season.

Big Chris