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Manu for MVP

Even though the Suns pulled one off yesterday to save themselves a sweepin', there's a greater chance Tim Legler says something informed and intelligent on tonight's ESPN broadcast than there is of the Suns climbing back into this series. Watching the game last night I was struck by the flat out Jordan-esque ability of Manu Ginobili to elevate his game in the playoffs. Ginobili played with the reckless abandon of pre-97 Gary Payton in taking it to the rack with the left hand, and his dish to a wide open Robert Horry was something to see.

Manu's been my playoffs MVP so far. The guy has been just flat out unbelievable to watch in nearly every series. He is the most complete backcourt player in the league right now.

I'm cool with watching whoever comes out of the East. I like both East teams for different reasons -- Wade is a tremendous talent with the potential to be everything Vince Carter could have been and more, and the Pistons blue collar workmanlike attitude appeals to the purist in me.