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Dwane Casey

KFAN in Minnesota is reporting that Sonics Associate Head Coach Dwane Casey is the front runner to replace Kevin McHale as the next coach of the Timberwolves.

In my opinion Casey getting the Minnesota job all but wraps up that Nate McMillian will be retained to coach the Sonics. Several local beat writers have pointed to Nate's contract extention being done before the impending lockout. I've felt for a month or so that the Sonics had Casey as thier back up plan in case they were unable to come to an agreement with Nate, I have no facts to back this up but with the talk of financial hardship and Casey's knowledge of the system it would have been a logical conclusion.

The big question now is what does this do for the Sonics Assistant Coaches. Does Bob Weiss move up to become associate head coach with the other two assistants keeping thier same roles for next year. Possibly the Sonics could add another assistant to deal with some of their scouting issues and fill some of Weiss' role from this last year. I'd personally like to nominate Craig Ehlo for the job, if only to keep him off the broadcasts next year.