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Come On New CBA

When will they announce trading the pick?
I'm kidding. Sonics have a lot of balls in the air and it would be good for the team to have a new CBA in place before July 1. Lots of rumors hot on the heels of the new CBA announcement of teams wanting to get picks. The Bucks want a lower 1st rounder and it looks like the Lakeshow want to package their second rounders for a 1st. Twolves might want to trade the 14th. 13 through 17 looks to have been the Sonics drafting sweet spot in the past but I don't see them reaching up the draft for a prospect.
I look for the Lakers to push as many buttons as possible to change that roster and maybe they could be had in a deal.
The Sonics don't look to have players under contract that they would actually trade, not with the Lakers or any body else. Not Robert Swift, not to Boston, I can't wait for that to resurface next week in the Boston Globe. The Sonics could start the kids that currently have contracts, so, I don't see a point in trading any of them. The non-kid, Fortson, could be moved but I don't see that happening (the devil you know vs the one you don't know).


Wow, short list.
I expect Allen, Radmanovic and Wilkins to return. That would make 8. Add 3 picks and you have a potential 11. Sign a free agent and that's 12. Teams might be able to have 14 players but the Sonics do not like to have that many. 13 has been the stated desired number in the past, Wilkins was an exception to that and an exceptional choice.

Once the cap is set it would be possible for the Sonics to swap picks with some team and then the Sonics absorb a player with cap money. But that is unlikely. Sonics could use a center to bridge the Swift sophomore year but that's likely something to be looked at during free agency and not some exotic draft day trade.
Looks right now to be a pretty basic summer, draft, sign free agents, summer league kind of off season, that's ok. I would be pretty happy just to have Robert Swift get some summer league play at this point and see that as the point focus of team improvement.