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It all comes down to this...

It's been a great season, and I expect the next week to be very interesting as well. But tonight is the grand finale as far as games go. The first three games were snoozers if you ask me. The last two have been very compelling basketball. I am inclined to cheer for the Spurs tonight, only because they are a Western Conference team. The Sonics really pushed the Spurs, so I think as Sonics fans we have to feel pretty good that our team was playing at an extrodinarily high level at the end of the season. They played at a level that nobody knew they could.

The next week will be quite interesting to say the least. Sund has signed on. Now the contracts of Nate and Ray are sorely needing some ink. With so much up in the air as far as the roster is concerned, and a new CBA, plus the draft it should be fun. The Sonics have been quite tight lipped the past few years, and this year doesn't seem to be any different. Will we see Radmanovic in a Sonics uni again? How about any of the other free agents? I fully expect Ray Allen to return, but don't have a good feel for anyone else at this point. Will we see a sign and trade? The Sonics have a lot of options, as they are under the cap and have a lot of roster space. Should be one of the most interesting weeks in recent Sonics history.