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Latest Mock Drafts News.

According to the latest Draft Express mock draft the players whom they have selected for the Sonics are Chris Taft in the first round with Tirus Wade and Sean Banks in the Second Round. The names that interest me that they still have available when we choose would be Wayne Simien in the first, Nate Robinson with our first second round pick and Dwayne Jones or Will Conroy with the latter Second Round pick.

However, according to they have the Sonics selecting M. Andriusvicius with our first round pick, Bojan Popovic and Brandon Bass in the second round. They have Taft being selected with the pick right before us however, they have Johan Petro, Jarrett Jack and Wayne Simien being taken right after that pick. I know little to nothing about Andriusvicius except that until the new CBA was signed he was rumored to be heading back to Europe for another year. The little hype I have heard about him is that he has a ton of upside potential but is a couple years away from being ready to help out an NBA team. One name that jumped out at me in the second round was Donnell Taylor who some Washington Husky fans may remember as one of the guards on the UAB team.

With less than a week to draft I ask whom everyone else is hoping for with these picks? I am still leaning towards us taking the best player available. With the pure number of impending Free Agents that this team has they have the opportunity to possibly fill holes. I do believe that each of the players selected in this years draft will at a minimum be sent down to the D-League for a season and all will have the chance to play depending on who the team resigns.

Now if we could only get Nate and Ray done...