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Signing Vets

On KJR today Wally strongly hinted that the team would be looking to add vets to the core instead of using thier draft picks to fill possible needed roles which really explains the Petro pick. I like the pick for the team and think that in the future he will be a nice player for the organization.

If we get Nate and Ray done rather quickly I am under the assumption that we will try to sign one of the three rotational players who are FA's. The one I believe most likely to be retained is Radmanovic, however I believe that Daniels is the player that makes the most sense for the future of the team. Vlad's minutes should be able to be filled by Damien Wilkins.

If the Sonics sign Daniels what happens with Vlad and Jerome will be very interesting. I could see us doing a sign and trade with either of those players hoping to land the big man that can bridge us to the Swift/Petro era. IF the team is looking in this direction whom would Sonic fans be interested in either signing or attempting to trade for?

Two days till the FA signing period begins and four months or so till the season, I still love this game.