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Newsy Weekend, Nate, Ray

According to Frank "the tank" Hughes of the Tacoma News Tribune the Supersonics and Nate McMillan are in talks. "By the end of the weekend, the Seattle SuperSonics should know whether they will have contractual agreements with coach Nate McMillan and general manager Rick Sund, according to sources familiar with the discussions."
Good news if it happens. I'm not shocked and thought the Sonics had a good chance of getting something done in time for Nate McMillan to go to the Chicago workouts next week with a new contract in hand.
I'm not so sure about Sund.

On another note, Steve Kyler writing in has a bit of a luke warm picture of Ray Allen and the Sonics situation.
"The Sonics re-opened talks, hoping to get an “extension” done before July 1st when Ray would become a free agent. Word is the Sonics will go to $85 million with incentives to keep Ray – The question is will Ray’s camp sign the deal knowing that any new collective bargaining agreement will increase the salary cap, giving more teams cash to spend under the cap and making the luxury tax margin higher allowing teams to spend a little more."

Excellent question, I'll guess 85 in the hand is worth not knowing if there's even going to be a team offering what the Sonics are and if another team could.
Steve Kyler has a nice bit at the end of his column about the talks around the new CBA. I guess I have to ask if guaranteed years are cut down by one if the Sonics extention isn't as good as Ray could really get and keep him on a team that has featured him as a leader and a situation that showcases his talents.
I'll say Ray has an extention by June 21 (the longest day of the year). If he doesn't the chances become increasingly darker with each passing day after that.
Ray shouldn't count on a SAT as leaverage from a team losing money.
Anyway, Steve Kyler has lots-o-goo stuff today, please go read.