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Ray and Nate out visiting.

A lot will be said over the next 3 weeks about where these two will end up. The important thing for Sonics fans to remember is everything that is said is not necessarily what is actually going on.

For those that have been around Sonics off-seasons remember the issues that we had before Lewis finally ended up resigning with the team? Remember there was the report that Lewis was house shopping in Dallas? That he was meeting with the Rockets and they were going to offer the Sonics Mo Taylor in exchange (whoo hoo!)?

Until something official comes out I think the key is to not stray too much from the middle ground. The Sonics have made very fair offers to both McMillian and to Ray, both those guys are going to use whatever teams they can to either leave or to attempt to extract more money from the Supes. I think it is prudent for the Sonics to explore every available option. At this point I still firmly expect to see both representing this team next season.

Does anyone not think the Sonics are offering fair value to either party?