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There You Go Coach

Years ago David Letterman started doing this bit about fishing shows on television. He said something like it was 30 minutes of two guys in a boat with one being the host and the other some coach from some sports team. They would fish. All that was said on these shows was "there you go coach" when there was a fish on the line. This was the show for 30 minutes. "Now that was some good TV, riveting!" Letterman would say. Then, throughout his program, Letterman would insert "there you go coach" when there was absolutely nothing really going on with his program. I suppose he could have looked blankly into the camera until the producers and directors were ready for the next part of the Letterman show. Rather than that blank look Letterman would quip, "there you go coach", people would laugh at the absurd reference and so the dead time of the show became entertaining on its own. Sometimes Letterman still blurts out "there you go coach" and I'm sure there are plenty of viewers that laugh even though they don't know what the reference is about.

Larry Brown forced his way out of another contract with cash in pocket, into another contract, forcing somebody else out of a job, again. Larry doesn't care about them, you, the players or anybody else but Larry, and that's Larry "playing the game the right way" again. I do not need to know what team he left, what team he was forcing himself on or who he was screwing in the process. I no longer need to know the source of the reference. ESPN, SI, CBS.Sportsline, Fox Sports, Detroit Free Press, NY Times, my local paper don't have to write the referencing material anymore, not everyday, not until the fish is on the line.

Larry has become his own cliché. The Press could just show a picture of Larry Brown's face and the logo of the team he's forcing himself on and put the caption "There you go coach!". I would know what happened and who it is about to happen to. The past two months of Brown rumors are old hat.

Larry Brown will have the privilege of motivating Jerome James for the next five years. I would explain what is in store for Larry Brown to the Sonics fans but all I can bring myself to say is "There you go coach."