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Are we the 2001 Raptors?

In 2000-2001 the Raptors were the talk of the league. They won only 47 games but went on to get within a game of the ECF. At the end of the season the team boasted chemistry and emerging leaders as well as Vince Carter the star (Ray Allen), Antonio Davis the blue-collar big man (Jerome James), Jerome Williams doing the dirty work (Evans), an emerging 6'10 athlete going into the final year of his Rookie deal (Keon Clark/Radmanovic) and a collection of journeymen PGs who stepped up their games (Alvin Williams, Chris Childs, Mark Jackson).

At the end of the season it was an absolute given that they would not all come back. Antonio Davis was the #1 target of the Chicago Bulls, there was interest in all their guys. But then they did it, they shelled out the money, returned everybody and the fans were getting ready for a dynasty. Glen Grunwald was widely heralded as having a "great offseason" and considered very likely for GM of the year.

Vince Carter, extended for the max
Jerome Williams got a 6 year, $36 million deal
Antonio Davis got the max, 6 years $75 or something like that.
Alvin Williams This is the worthwhile one... At age 29 He got a deal almost identical to the one AD just signed. His career stats prior to the contract were pretty similar to AD's. He joined the league fairly old and during his first 4 years he never played more than 55 games, only stepping up to play 82 in his contract year.

Williams actually continued to get a bit better, but nowhere near where his contract justified. Two years ago, he wound up with 8 points, 4 assists in 56 games. He missed all of last season after knee surgery and may never play again. He's considered an unmovable contract now at age 31.

The Raptors went on to finish 42, 24, and 33 games in the next 3 years. 33 games and they're still above the cap today. I don't want to be the Raptors.

The Sonics are wise to use caution in resigning all these guys. I just hope they're not so cheap that they can't replace them.