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Coming together.

Within the next few days we should know a lot more about how this coming years Sonics team is going to look. As Frank Hughes reported yesterday, the Sonics have signed Vitaly Potapenko to a deal which will be announced once the physicals are completed.

David Locke on his blog is reporting that within the next couple days Damien Wilkins will be recieving an offer sheet from the Minnesota Timberwolves. That would give the Sonics 7 days to decide whether or not to match.

He's also reporting that we're one of three teams in the hunt for Dale Davis' services.

If we are to make each of those three moves we'll still have the options on both Flip Murray and Reggie Evans as well as full bird rights on Vladi Radmanovic.

So what is the perception of other Sonics fans? Personally, I think they've done a pretty solid job this summer.