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Rick Brunson

It looks as if the Sonics will sign Rick Brunson to back up Luke Ridnour next year.

Brunson's a capable and cheap backup. I remember watching him on the Bulls squads a few years ago. As a player, he reminds me a lot of Kevin Ollie. A steady reserve point guard who doesn't do any one thing spectacularly. While researching his statistics on I saw another name that was a blast from the past, but still an apt comparison: Haywoode Workman.

Brunson likely won't make many mistakes when it comes to running the point. His assist to turnover ratio is above average, but he's a bit shaky offensively and his defense can best be described as adequate. He's a very canny acquisition for a one year deal considering he'll likely be playing about 10 to 15 minutes a night at most. In short, I like this move.

At this writing, Flip Murray's role on next year's Sonic squad remains unknown. Will he be the 3rd guard, 4th guard, or is Bob Weiss and the coaching staff envisioning Damien Wilkins backing up Ray Allen at the 2 guard position next year? Stay tuned ...