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my early prediction

Is this it? Are they basically done for the summer? I think so.
So, what do we have for Bob Weiss to work with?
I've listed the positions they should play at with other positions they could play at in parenthases.

At Center: Vitali Potapenko, Robert Swift, maybe Mikki Moore
At Power Forward: Nick Collison (C), Danny Fortson (C), Reggie Evans
At Small Forward: Rashard Lewis (PF), Vladi Radmanovic (PF)
At Shooting Guard: Ray Allen, Damien Wilkins (SF), Ronald Murray (PG)
At Point Guard: Luke Ridnour, Rick Brunson

There are a few players that can play more than one position, some better than others. The guys in positions that are third on my depth chart, Evans and Murray, could easily be second depending on what they do between now and the start of the season. It is possible for Murray to view the absence of Antonio Daniels as his opportunity to gain some playing time. If the Sonics had confidence in his abulity to play consitantly, or to return to the team at all, they wouldn't have had to sign Rick Brunson. If Murray sulks or chokes then it is his loss (see: Forte, Joe).

This is my early prediction of the top 8, I will not explain it, or back it up. It is what it is.
Sonics (50-32, 3rd seed on tie breaker)
Warriors (the shocker!)