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Trade Winds

Brief thread here on the various trade rumors surrounding the Sonics:

First it is well known that the team has been in pursuit of Denver’s Earl Watson, offering Flip Murray and Vitaly Potapenko. Tacoma News Tribune reporter went so far as to say he felt that the deal “was practically done” a couple of weeks ago. If that deal is out there in any form the Sups should take it. Their biggest problem at the moment is lack of a backup PG and neither Murray nor Potapenko are contributing anything at all. If you can get a solid defensive PG like Watson for those two then it is worth absorbing his contract.

Secondly the Sonics continue to be linked to conversations regarding Indiana’s Ron Artest. I am frankly not sure what the team could offer for Artest or what role he would fill on the team but he is clearly a talented piece who can play defense. I know we’d find a role for him if he can defend. One report indicated that the Pacers had asked for Nick Collison and the Sonics declined to include him. The only real package I can see out there would probably be some combination of Vitaly Potapenko, Flip Murray, Reggie Evans, and Damien Wilkens as I doubt the team would include either Swift or Petro. My guess is the team offered Potapenko, Wilkens, and a pick for Artest and the Pacers quickly declined.

It is interesting that the Artest rumors have slowed down and I wonder if the pacers overplayed their hand. It is rare that a player of his caliber gets moved on the cheap and the last time it happened(Rasheed Wallace) I think I worked out pretty well.

Vitaly Potapenko has requested a trade and been linked to the two teams above as well as the Orlando Magic and New Jersey Nets, both of whom are in desperate need of a big man. A New Jersey deal would likely center around Jeff McGinnis but if I’m the Sonics I shoot hard for guard Zoran Planinic in a multi-player deal. He had a lot of potential coming out of the draft. Orlando likely does not have a lot to offer but if they would give Pat Garrity and his expiring contract the team would definitely consider it. At this point any deal which gets Potapenko off the roster is likely a good one.

Heard any other trade rumor? Have any ideas of your own? Post them here!