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Daily RoundUp Jan 11, 2006

Bob Hill says training camp begins anew today in the TNT. If Vin Baker was still here (shudder) I think he'd be in for a Dolemite-style slapdown by Danny Fortson. And that's something I'd pay to see.

So tonight's matchup features the Orlando Magic and is being touted as the beginning of a new era for the Sonics. Hyperbole or prophecy? I'm a poet, I know it. Still, seeing Petro vs Howard and the Supes beat up on a lesser Eastern team is enough to get me to tune in.

Gary Washburn hooks up a nice article on Swift and Petro, or as I like to call them ... Bacardi and Coke.

If you read one Sonic related article today, make it this one. Thanks to SonicsCentral contributor Jeremy H. for sending that in!