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Sonics vs. Magic Game Thread

This is your place for pre-game and in-game discussion and observations. Check out the always must read Insider Preview by Kevin Pelton.

I expect tonight to be the place where we really begin to see Coach Hill's plans implemented. They've been working hard in practice, and everybody wants to play well in front of the home crowd. This should be a win for Sonics, they are the better team, though that's why they play the game. Swift and Petro should get some run and have a chance to make an impact, as the Magic have little to match up against them up front after Howard. We must keep Turkoglu from getting rolling, smack him a few times hard and he'll crawl back into his shell. Grant Hill is out with a sore/strained groin. We must also make Francis take the outside shot, and keep a hand on him on the perimeter so he doesn't get too comfortable.

Go Sonics!