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Daily RoundUp Jan. 13, 2006

There's no such thing as Sonic triskaidekaphobia. Unless your name is Kendall Gill.

Gary Payton is back and it's not a big thing. I'm still looking for him to go off tonight as he usually does when Wally Walker's in the house.

"It's not about me anymore and really, it never was just about me, but I know those days when it used to be my team are behind me and like I said, I'm OK with that," Payton said. "I had my time and we had some great years here in Seattle, winning 60 games and going to the Finals and things like that.

"Those things, I'll always remember. ... Maybe, I'll retire here. Who knows? My wife likes it here, my kids liked it and I love this city."

Cool! Hopefully the team won't be in Bellevue by then, although even the P-I acknowledges it's something of an empty threat. Interesting that this is the first arena-related article I have seen in a long time that didn't use Wally Walker as a source but rather Sonics VP Terry McLaughlin.

As I type this still no word from Stu Jackson on how long Ray Allen's suspension will run. [Edit: Ray has been suspended for 3 games] In his place Damien Wilkins will start, which is OK by me. Lenny Wilkens breaks it down for you.

And major props to Supersonicsoul for referencing the epic fight of the 80's -- X-Man vs. Wes Mathews. Oh yeah!

Over/Under for Bacardi and Cola tonight vs. Shaq: 8 pts, 10 rebs, 3 blocks, 11 fouls.

I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Russ, who will be spending the next three weeks on vacation in southeast Asia. Just remember to look for one of these at bed check, pal. Have a great time!

RIP Gas Huffer. Man am I getting old.

And finally, a new salvo has just been fired in the war over who's done more for breasts.