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Coach Hill has a new contract and a Roundup of sorts

SEATTLE (AP) - Seattle SuperSonics coach Bob Hill has reached agreement with the team on a restructured contract, he said before Friday's game against Miami.

The team did not release any details of the contract and Hill would not elaborate further. General manager Rick Sund declined comment as well.

"It's nice to have it out of the way," Hill said.

I'm sure it's a nice raise for Bob Hill, but I'm more interested in the # of years. My guess is a two year contract (this year, and next year). I can't imagine Hill simply taking a raise without more long term security, unless both sides want to wait till after the season and make the contract more based on his performance. Hill really seems to be what this Sonics team needs, so I'm glad he's signed the dotted line.


Roundup of sorts:

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