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Daily RoundUp January 17, 2006

"Warriors, come out and play ..."

And the freakin' Golden State Warriors came out and whipped your Seattle Supersonics like the Baseball Furies of old.

Bright spots: Robert Swift is showing improvement by leaps and bounds, which makes me feel validated. In all his years as an assistant coach Bob Weiss never figured out that young guys never get better if you don't play them.

So at least one part of Seattle's Bacardi and Cola tandem could be breaking into the starting lineup, which is also good news.

I'm probably one of the 1% of Americans who don't have regular Internet access at home (coming soon though!) and that's why I don't tend to write roundups on the weekends. So what's old news to you is fresh as the smell of a Carolina pine forest to me. Reggie's unhappy? Rick Brunson is ticked he's not getting time? Well, allow me to retort!

Slow week this week, with only one game scheduled against the Raptors. I expect the local media to shower us in Seahawks stories ...