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Daily RoundUp January 19,2005

I'm not sitting at my usual desk today and I have to use one of those funky split keyboards... I hate having to type everything two and three times.

Some game in Chicago last night huh?

Last year's team chemistry is a thing of the past, writes Gary Washburn. Does that mean that the good vibes were genuinely because the guys liked each other, or merely that it's easy to have good chemistry when the team's winning? In addition, Danny Fortson will be out for a while ...

Damn, I hate this keyboard...

Frank Hughes writes Bob Hill is thinking about changingthe starting lineup to include Reggie Evans alongside Swift ...I read this move more as a condemnation of Radmanovic's inconsistency than a promotion for Robert, although I'm glad to see Big Rob start. As a starter Vlad proved to be the same 1 trick pony he was under Nate and Weiss, an inconsistent 6-10 shooting guard with an aversion to mixing it up.

In addition, Hughes writes that Detlef Schrempf may join the staff and that Rick Brunson isn't likely to be used any time soon.