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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors....

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors…

Trade winds continue to swirl around the league as we’re only about 5 weeks from the trade deadline…

News that may affect the Sonics includes the reported signing of Chucky Atkins in Memphis. Reportedly the Grizzlies were one team in competition with Seattle for Nuggets guard Earl Watson. The rumors linking Watson and Seattle are simply too numerous to ignore and there has to be some truth to them.

If Watson is traded to Seattle it would likely be in a deal involving Flip Murray. New reports are that former Seattle coach Dwayne Casey is interested in Murray and PF Reggie Evans. I don’t think there is a scenario in which both Murray and Evans agree to be traded to the same team. That team will have no bird rights to re-sign them and only one mid-level exception for the next season. If Evans continues to be out of the rotation then maybe a trade involving him to Minnesota for Ritchie Frahm and a 2nd round pick makes sense. Another trade I could envision would send Reggie and Vitaly Potapenko to Minnesota, SG Trenton Hassell to Denver, and Earl Watson to Seattle.

The New Orleans Hornets are reportedly interested in acquiring a big man and I wonder if Reggie Evans would fit there. Evans would love a chance to play in the South and New Orleans is close to his North Florida roots.

A Seattle/Boston swap seems to make some sense with the Celtics reportedly still interested in center Robert Swift and the Sonics having a need for Marcus Banks. No way do the Sonics give up on Swift at this point but if discussions occur a more minor deal for Banks could be a possibility.

Any other trade thoughts or rumors?