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Forget Magic Tricks, Enter Weiss the Rotation Juggler...

As usual the article will follow but this news is too good to not put up here immediately:

Bob Weiss has repotedly decided to keep Damien Wilkens as the starter at PG and decide between either Luke Ridnour or Flip Murray as his backup....Are you as confused as I am?

I posted in an earlier article that I like the concept of Damien as a backup PG. It solves a lot of problems for us. As a starter I have a lot more questions about it. First among those questions is why we would even have a moments indecision when deciding between Ridnour and Murray. If this is the direction you're going then Flip should get used to the pine and learn how to chearleed. As a third PG I like Mateen Cleaves better than Flip because at least Mateen enters the game with the right attitude. Flip will press way to hard in limited minutes.

I have a theory that people in leadership positions had better expect to have any type of controversial decision heavily analyzed becuase they will be held responsible if it fails. This is a perfect example. Putting Ridnour back into the starting lineup would have been zero controversy. Heck even having Flip Murray as your backup PG all season was a logical and expected move given the players available. Both those issues were so clear cut that Weiss really deserved and got very little criticism.

Benching Ridnour and converting Wilkens to a PG is another story. The move is completely out of left field and one which will be HEAVILY scrutinized. If we have a string of bad games under this decision expect to see people come after Weiss.

One thing (among many) that I don't like about Weiss' decisions to date is that few if any provide a permanent solution. Making Reggie Evans a starter alongside Nick Collison was nice for a couple of games but it made another lineup change absolutely mandatory after that. This is the same type of situation. Damien Wilkens can't start at point against Alan Iverson or Steve Francis. There will never be any cohesion if we have to keep shuffling lineups in reaction to the other team.

More to come...