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Daily RoundUp January 20, 2006

There's not much news today.

Frank Hughes reports on a couple of possible new additions to the coaching staff. I've heard from a few different sources that Bob Weiss' assistants were assembled rather hastily and didn't help him much in his short tenure. I don't blame Hill for wanting to bring in his own guys.

Percy Allen writes about the Sonics malaise.

Ray: "We had some of the same, if not exactly the same, problems last year, but it wasn't an issue or not as big as an issue," Allen said. "We had guys show up late for games, practices and meetings. Guys who would act outside of [coach Nate McMillan's] rules and all of y'all [reporters] knew about it.

I'll keep that comment in mind next time I read another platitude about how great Nate's tough approach worked.

Winning cures everything. Also features a Mateen Cleaves update -- he may be headed to Fayetteville in the NBDL.

Gary Washburn focuses on not-long-as-a-starter Vladimir Radmanovic, who is rapidly exhausting the patience of yet another Sonic head coach. Seems like I've been writing the same three comments about Vlade ever since he's joined this team, I don't care to repeat them now. Here's an interview with Vlade and Yaroslav Korolev I found.

From The Other Side: There's trouble brewin' in Toronto.