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Daily Roundup January 23, 2006

First of all I have to say that last night's game vs the Suns was one of the most entertaining games I've seen in a long, long time in Sonicsland. More entertaining than the Seahawks stomp job over Carolina and just the thing to wash out the bad taste of a bitter playoff loss to this humble Broncos fan.

Lost in the hubbub of a Hawks bowl bid was a fantastic game by our dynamic duo Bacardi and Cola, who finished with a double double!!! Way to go guys!!!!!

Reggie Evans has requested a trade. Buh-bye Reggie. Good luck. Interesting that Vladimir's agent won't let him be traded because he thinks Vladi will get more than MLE ... Dan Fegan didn't care ... and Reggie probably gets a bigger contract than Vladi Chuck-a-three-ovic next year.