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Sonics Say Goodbye to KJR Radio Broadcast Partner

KJR Sports Radio 950am host Mike "The Gas Man" Gastineau announced during this evening's broadcast that the 21 year relationship between the Seattle Supersonics and KJR-AM Radio (a Clear Channel station) will come to an end when the current NBA season ends this summer. The Gasman was bittersweet about the end of the relationship stating that the Sonics didn't make much of an effort lately with the station. I have to agree with The Gasman on that item, and will miss his lead into the game and David Locke post game. But, I would like to take an open shot at Steve Sandmeyer, he is openly dismissive of the Sonics and NBA basketball in general. Here's your update Steve, it was the Flagship Station.

The Sonics have come to an agreement with KTTH 770am (an Entercom station) to begin broadcasts next season. But wait, there's more, as reported in the Seattle Times, there will be an end to the simulcast, and they will create two seperate broadcasts. Kevin Calabro will continue to handle the television play-by-play duties with Sonics partner FSN Northwest. No more TV over the radio.
Let's understand something about the next part of the story, from the KTTH news release: Under the new agreement, the elements of the radio broadcasts will be Sonics-produced. The Sonics will continue to own the radio-broadcast rights and will sell the game-broadcast inventory. The Sonics are owning the radio broadcaster and the broadcast. The move from KJR to KTTH was a move to a particular demographic and gaining complete control of that content. The Truth is that KTTH is willing to sublet the KTTH airwaves to the Sonics and I'm not so sure KJR was willing to do so. Next year I'll likely still listen to KJR most of the time, but when the Sonics are on you might as well shut that station down as far as I am concerned.

This Flagship has sailed.