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Daily Roundup January 25th, 2006

Frank Hughes writes that the Sonics will likely only have one All-Star named to the squad this year. That's to be expected given their below .500 record and the fact they had to can a coach 30 games into the season. Ray Allen will likely be named to the team, and that's a shame because Rashard Lewis is having another great year. It's tough to be a forward in the West. Ask Elton Brand, who should make the team this year.

As posted below, the Sonics are ending their broadcast relationship with KJR-AM. I don't know about you, but I now have no reason to listen to KJR any more.

Luke Ridnour's offense is coming around, Bob Hill says. Let's see if Luke can keep it up tonight against the Jazz in what promises to be a tough road game. I don't see the Jazz having an answer for these two guys, though.

This is my new favorite NBA player name. Yes, I really am that immature.

Some may disagree but I'm reading this as an indictment of the team's and previous coach's approach to the game . Back in July I wrote that the reason the Sonic players wanted Bob Weiss so badly was because he wouldn't make them work hard, and management caved into that. Good to see Bob Hill turning things around in the work ethic department.

Two tough games coming back-to-back: Utah tonight and Dallas tomorrow. I'll be content with a split but much happier with a sweep!