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Sonics vs. Jazz game discussion thread

Pre-game and in-game discussion here! If you haven't already, go read Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview for tonight's game.

This is your place to discuss, rant, cheer and cry about tonight's game versus one of the teams I like the least in the NBA, the Utah Jazz. It's the first of a pair of tough back to back games.

The Jazz have been playing very solid, as one has come to expect from a Jerry Sloan coached team. They are still without the service of Carlos Boozer, which is probably just justice for his actions a couple of years ago when changing teams.

I hope to see a monster dunk in the face of Greg "Goonies" Ostertag by Robert "Bacardi" Swift tonight. I think this is a winnable game for the Sonics, but nothing can ever be taken for granted against Sloan's Jazz.