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Trade Rumor - Flip & Brunson for Marcus Banks

Boston viewers reporting that the Celtics broadcasters rekindled rumors of a three way deal involving Seattle, Minnesotta, and Boston. The T-Wolves would recieve Mark Blount and Flip Murray, Michael Olowakandi and Rick Brunson would be sent to Boston, and the Sonics would recieve combo guard Marcus Banks.

I like this move in that it brings us a guy with a good deal of upside and a small amount of risk. I don't like it in that we're sending a pretty dynamic scorer to a division rival. A good part of the problems I have with Flip Murray involve him playing the PG position. At SG for the T-Wolves he's a better player than Banks is for us.

Still I do the deal for the shakeup. In a perfect world fleece Boston for a 2nd round pick and be done with it.