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Daily Roundup January 26, 2006

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All Hail Bacardi and Cola, they get the job done!!!

Last night the dynamic duo of Robert "Bacardi" Swift and Johan "Cola" Petro combined for a stellar 12 pts, 16 rebs, 3 blocks and only 1 TO in 42 minutes of work. Can I get a hell yeah?

Last night's game was especially sweet for me because it was not only a victory over the reviled Utah Jazz, but also marked the first time in team history that the Sonics tied the Jazz to the whippin' post and beat 'em by 15 points not once but twice. Can I get a hell yeah?

The Jazz simply couldn't keep up with the Sonics pace. And props to both Nick Collison and Mikki Moore for hitting several wide open baseline jumpers ... the Jazz left that shot to the Supes' frontcourt all night last night and the bench made 'em pay. Nice work!

So that's two in a row under Bob Hill. But lest we allow ourselves to titter like giddy schoolgirls at the junior prom (especially you Scott, keep it down back there) tonight is the toughest test for the new coach so far -- a matchup vs the Dallas Mavericks, who unlike the Jazz enjoy a fast paced game and several guys who can shoot the basketball. I know I'm looking forward to watching!