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Swift comments from Shootaround

Quick report from Brian.

At shootaround today Bob Hill was asked about Robert Swift and his ability to guard smaller players on the defensive end. "I've never seen a 7 footer who can get as low as he does, in fact I've never seen a 7 footer who is as agile as Robert is. He's going to be really good"

This was a question asked because of a conversation between Brian and myself over whom we would compare him too in this regard. The only player I could come up with that is his size and gets that low on the perimeter is Kevin Garnett. When Garnett was brought up to Hill he said "that's not a bad comparison really for that aspect of his game."

When the subject of Swift was brought up to Danny Fortson all he could do was shake his head and say "He's going to be really special man, really special."

I'm sure when Brian gets back he will be able to add more details to this at a later time.