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Luke Back, Vladi Still Out, Nick To Start?

The Sonics will get much-needed Luke Ridnour back from his one game injury tonight against the struggling Nets.

Luke seemed to hurt his knee pretty bad, but he's going to fight though it--true to Ridnour fashion--apparently, according to the articlein the PI this morning, the only fashion Ridnour is really comfortable with.

Vladi's hurt worse than expected and Hill's going to have to figure out what to do at the 4. Why is this so hard? Why can't Nick start and Reggie move up to that bench spot? Nick Collison is a starter. If the team starts him, I think the refs will back off a bit. True Nick needs to quit reaching, but as a starter he'll probably not get so many ticky-tack fouls.

The Nets are not playing well right now, as indicated by a loss to the lowly Blazers last night, so Seattle needs to step on them hard and often. The Sonics need home wins right now; tonight is a good time to start.