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Nate's Return, Nick's Technical

I'm glad Bob Hill's the coach as he's less likely to get caught up in the sideshow that will mark the return of Mr. Sonic to the Key tomorrow night.

Seattle really needs this home game against a division opponent, and while there may be strong feelings amongst the fans with Nate in the house, the team needs to be focused and win this game. I think that's going to be Hill's very strong message.


Also, Nick was T'd up in the Nets game; basically he was following Hill's order to not just allow the refs to run all over him and accept the quick whistles going against him. It was great to see Nick challenge a very questionable call and not give in. I've often wondered if his slumped shoulders after a foul contributes to the officials thinking he's guilty of something?

Seattle really needs Nick on the floor and playing with confidence. Scott has made some good points about Swift seemingly playing better with Vladi on the floor (because his shooting threat from the outside opens the middle), but we need Nick's aggressive defense, rebounding and toughness at times too.

Do you think it helps or hurts Nick being a bit more pro-active with the refs after questionable calls? I'm not talking Vlade Divac, but just working the officials a bit?