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Daily RoundUp January 30, 2006

Go Swifty, it's yo birthday, go Swifty, it's yo birthday ...

I had this weird dream last night that the Sonics won an NBA championship and Robert Swift was parading down 5th Avenue, doing a dance in front of Westlake Center that made Mark Madsen look like Fred Astaire. I awoke, my heart pounding ... to realize that today is January 30, 2006 ...

The day of the long awaited steel cage rematch between Nate "I coach by feel" McMillan and Bob Weiss, the NBA equivalent of William Henry Harrison. Ordinarily this would have settled the age old argument of whose coaching cuisine reigns supreme, but today there's a new sheriff in town. A coach who's not afraid of a youth movement. Who refuses to juggle his rotation from game to game based on instincts. Who has two young 7 footers and isn't afraid to use them. Props to Frank Hughes for a nice interview with the former head coach and some might say former Mr. Sonic here.

I'm stuck at work until 7 PM tonight but after that I'll be racing home, cooking up a steak and checking out Bacardi and Cola vs. the typical Nate Mcmillan smallball frontcourt lineup. Stay dry everyone!