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Daily Roundup Jan 31, 2006

Hey look at this new front page design! We're movin' on up (Mooovin' on up) to that deee-luxe apartment in the skyyyyy....

Props to Nate McMillan and the Portland TrailBlazers for being a Sonic buzzkill last night. Watching the game I thought that the Sonics looked eerily like the Sonics under Nate McMillan -- no defense being played, odd rotations, allowing easy buckets inside ... Pryzbilla, Queen of the Desert and Zach Randolph pretty much had their way with us.

Even Reggie Evans couldn't pull a Bizarro World Sir Mix-A-Lot and keep 'em off the glass

How do I spell relief?

Only one dissenting sign? Wow ...

And David Locke's in-game breakdown provides some helpful insights and a place to start the postmortem.

Bacardi and Cola stat line: 13 pts, 12 rebs, 3 blks, 1 TO in 46 minutes.

I want to give a big Daily Roundup thumbs down to the officiating crew of Bill Spooner, Ely Roe, and Violet Palmer, some of whom were last seen running away from a confrontation between Ray Allen and Keyon Dooling. Calls on contact in the paint and especially over the back were ridiculously inconsistent, as was the blowing of whistles in general. You three managed to kill the flow of the game and make it an unpleasant to watch slop fest that would have made Pat Riley's Knicks proud. For once Seattle wasn't settling for perimeter jumpers but they somehow managed to get 10 less FTs than the visiting Blazers. Curious.