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Daily RoundUp Jan 04, 2006

Quote of the Day: "If Weiss wasn't the right man after 30 games, then he wasn't the right choice last summer. " -- Mike Gastineau, KJR

Steve Kelley points the finger in the right direction. I haven't heard any of Sonics upper management take responsibility for the debacle yet, which speaks volumes about the disconnect going on between the front office and the product on the floor. Instead of being front and center to take questions on this topic, Wally Walker ran and hid from the press yesterday. And this is the public face of the franchise who's going hat in hand to ask for millions of our tax dollars to build a new arena when the team can't even fill the one they have. What's wrong with you, Sonics?

The Times also provides a handy Bob Hill bio.

Percy Allen also provides some highlights from practice at Moody Bible Institute (a fantastic building for hoops -- I was fortunate enough to attend the NBA pre-draft camps there a couple of years ago -- it's unreal). Sounds like Bob Hill's ready to stir the sh-, uh, I mean the pot.

Art Thiel showers blame on the players, and there's definitely a share of it to go around to them. This team played the most uninspired, lackluster defense I have ever seen since ... well since the 2003 Sonics team. And that just makes me angry all over again.

And as only he can, David Locke, like Clarissa, explains it all for you.

The relevant pieces from the NewsTrib can be found here.

Paul Merrill of Supersonicsoul writes a poignant goodbye note. I agree, shoulda asked for the Wheedle back.

The Bob Hill era begins tonight at 5:30.

Go Trojans!