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I think this thought deserves a thread all its own...

One half of basketball in and I can already tell you my favorite thing about Bob Hill.

Tonight the Chicago Bulls lacked Tyson Chandler in the lineup. They presented a rotation that is freakishly small with the 6'8 Sweetney and 6'9 Songaila splitting time at C.

For the first time in my memory we have a Sonics coach who is making the other team adjust to him. Both Nate McMillan and Bob Weiss would have felt compelled to play small players to matchup with the problems presented by their opponent. Instead Hill plays two 7 footers at cener, 2 6'10 players at PF and makes no pretense at all at matching up with the Bulls. Instead he dares them to match our players game.

It has always been one of my pet peaves when coaches choose to match up with an opponents lineup rather than force the opposite. It is the best thing about this half of basketball. Good job so far Bob!