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Daily Roundup Jan 5th, 2006

The Bob Hill era has begun with a fine win over a struggling Bulls team. Nice floor spacing, balanced offensive attack, and defense? Johan Petro starts?Who are those guys? Heck, Vladimir even looked watchable. Now if we could just trade Flip for Chucky Atkins ...

And Vitaly Potapenko soils his own pants. For the second time as a Sonic. Nice knowin' ya VP. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Former TV writer-turned sportswriter John Levesque weighs in with this postmortem of Bob Weiss' tenure. Judge for yourself.

And "Go 2 Guy" Jim Moore aka the man who actually thought Calvin Booth was worth starting a fan club for, presents a heartwarming tale of a young girl and her horse, who enter a local show jumping competition to win a new TV but end up finding love and so much more ... Jesus, did I actually just write that? I gotta go get some coffee. Here's Moore's story about Bob Weiss' wife. Kudos on providing a perspective we don't often see.

Remember guys, Flip for Chucky, Flip for Chucky, Flip for Chucky ... it's just one game but I vastly preferred watching this rotation over anything Weiss threw out there. If this team's going down, then let's go down playing Petro and Swift. There'll be nights when they both foul out in 10 minutes, but at least I got the feeling that FINALLY the Sonics are building towards something. Win or lose, I'm actually interested to watch this lineup for the rest of the year.